What are today's kids like? Incredibly aware, environmentally conscious, accustomed to an inclusive concept of society, with a more flexible vision than the generations that preceded them. They are our future, and United Colors of Benetton has always paid homage to them with collections that make everyone happy, parents and children alike.


United Colors of Benetton’s girls will be tomorrow’s women; dressing them and making them feel confident, loved and respected is an important, creative responsibility. Their next Benetton Fall/Winter is a great feast of colors, prints and exquisite yarns where they can choose from a variety of styles and have fun changing looks. There’s college style, which recalls Ivy League uniforms in a kids’ version: patches are crocheted and inserts are in glitter yarn. Cardigans are oversize, while rugby shirts are cropped. Floral prints mix with eco-fur details and pleated skirts with striped hems. College appeal is remixed to a kid’s rhythm, using pastel shades such as cream, old rose, grey and blue.

There are also other looks, WASP-inspired, just like in the cult movie The Way We Were with Robert Redford and Barbra Streisand. Velvet maxi shirts to wear with wide-wale corduroy palazzo pants and multi-striped sweaters, or jacquard knit dresses. A feeling of warmth and casual elegance, easy to pair with furry little jackets. Today’s girls are also connected, digital natives who listen to music and do TikTok dances. They want to dress “like grown-ups” by wearing deconstructed looks with an Oriental vibe featuring “sakura” prints on denim and puffer jackets. Or wearing classic Scottish tartan in shades of cream, strawberry or acid green. They love to create their own mini squads, all dressed the same, in eco-friendly puffer jackets, batwing sleeve sweaters, graffitied leggings and sweatshirts with sequin slogan inserts, miniskirts and cropped hoodies.

There is also the color block range, which reflects a natural, eco-friendly concept, with fleece and knit outfits in organic cotton and puffer jackets in recycled polyester. Because rainbow shades and respect for resources are the basis of the UCB style.


College inspiration also for boys, with a nice mix of exuberance and typical United Colors of Benetton good manners. The puffer jacket with double asymmetrical zip, wraparound hood and maxi print on the sleeves is a must-have. It will protect them while making them feel adventurous. As will the embroidered fleece hoodies and the classic knit polo shirts with striped collars and hems, for “rugby style” moments. For when they want to play sailors challenging the winter chill, there is a teddy jacket with maxi hood and maxi nylon pocket, to be worn with a wide-wale corduroy shirt paired with velvet trousers and a degradé stripe pullover. Benetton boys also live online and like every new generation they want to make their mark. They love to wear urban looks, with manga prints and slogans and Japanese-style, deconstructed lines, or opt for a yarn-dyed check flannel shirts paired with a pouch-pocket hoodies with printed double sleeve effects. Denim is essential and is slightly faded and slim fit, with a grunge flavor. Color block tracksuits are paired with puffer jackets with an eco-friendly feel while accessories, too, are matched, pairing together collectable matching sneakers, wool hats and scarves.

Benetton’s littlest kids are irresistible in recycled jacquard onesies with teddy bear motifs and argyle-patterned pullovers. All guaranteed by Benetton: top quality materials, noble yarns and eco-friendly fabrics, all certified as gentle on the most delicate skin.

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