United Colors of Benetton in Helsinki

New concept for children and innovation for adults

Helsinki, 2nd September 2008. The Benetton Group inaugurates two new single-brand stores in Helsinki today, one dedicated to adults and the other to children and mothers. These two significant openings are within the Flamingo shopping centre, an exclusive showcase in the modern and dynamic commercial area of Vantaa.

The children and mother’s store is presented for the first time in Finland with the new Systemconcept. The floor area of about 200 square metres has been designed to display to full effect the two main collections, Baby and Kid, respectively aimed at the new-born, 1-5 year and 6-12 year bands.

System is a store furnishing concept designed to create a warm and elegant atmosphere. The Baby area features delicate colours, natural materials and soft lighting. The furnishing comprises large display cupboards, drawer units and a changing table area. The Kid area enhances the collection with carefully selected materials in tones of grey which accentuate the strong colours of the Benetton collection. The walls display large photos that reproduce the theme of the collections and fittings that facilitate flexible display options.

The store opens with the 2008-2009 Fall/Winter collection and a total look for new-born babies, children and expectant mothers. From shiny fabrics and glitter for little girls, to denim and velvet for little boys, through to the classic pink, light blue and cream for new-born babies.

The UCB adult store has a floor area of about 400 square metres housing the 2008-2009 Fall/Winter collection for women and men, enhanced by a wide range of accessories. For women the style is trendy glamour, rich in original ideas, while for men the styles range from techno simplicity for town wear, to heavy, coloured fabrics for leisure wear.

The furnishing concept emphasizes the various themes of the collections by means of suitably divided spaces and through the use of different materials and design features. The walls are in petrol grey, providing a sharp contrast with the white lacquered wall fittings, particularly where the colours of the United Colors of Benetton collections stand out. The men’s area of the store, on the other hand, features darker colours and dedicated spaces.

The opening of these stores further strengthens Benetton’s presence in the Finnish capital and confirms the Group's attention to the Scandinavian area (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland), in which there are now about 110 stores.


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