Winning choice for Fabrica cinema

Oscar nomination for No Man’s Land by Danis Tanovic

With the Oscar nomination of the film NO MAN’S LAND by Danis Tanovic for Best Foreign Language Film, Fabrica Cinema once again sees confirmation that its dedication to the production of courageous and highly quality cinema brings outstanding results.

Marco Müller, producer of the film in Italy for Fabrica Cinema – the cinema production department of Benetton Group’s communications research centre - expresses his satisfaction, “the Franco-Italian co-production of Tanovic’s film was decided in a night. Never has a decision been so easy, since no film can recount the absurd war in the Balkans and the “balkanisation” of our brains like this one does.” It is a venture which has so far led to the receipt of 34 awards at major film festivals in five continents, from Best Screenplay at Cannes 2001, to the recent Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film.


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