XYZ Ideas for Sale.

The ideas of Fabrica’s designers sold at auction Thursday, 5th April, 19.30 at Corso di Porta Vittoria, 16 – Milan

Elio Fiorucci, the creative entrepreneur who has long been associated with what is original and innovative in the world of fashion and design, will be the exceptional host, together with Simona Ventura, of XYZ IDEAS FOR SALE, the ideas of Fabrica’s designers sold at auction.

IDEAS FOR SALE is a true meeting of research and the market, of the possible and the impossible, of innovation and consumption. It is an auction where the ideas, in contact with those who produce them, become reality. It is a way of reaffirming, in an ephemeral system of changing forms, that what counts are the ideas. And Fabrica, the Benetton group’s communications research centre is where ideas are born.

The event, which will take place on Thursday 5th April at 19.30, at Corso di Porta Vittoria 16, is the culmination of XYZ IDEAS ON FURNITURE, a series of multisensory installations which explore new directions in design, to be held at the same address from 4th to 8th April, in occasion of the Salone del Mobile.

XYZ will also be on the web at The site will include virtual furnishings and interactive pieces explaining the concepts proposed in the exhibit.


1. Decontextual design. Design which takes objects out of context and puts them into a new context which transforms them into design objects.

2. Conceptual design. Design produced through an intellectual mechanism, starting from an idea then creating a representation of that idea.

3. Reactive design. Design which interacts with the audience and produces new solutions.

4. Sensational design. Design based on physical sensation which aims to accentuate awareness for the forms and uses of the materials.

5. Undesign. Design that doesn’t produce anything but rather highlights preexisting space and objects as new products.

6. Amnesic design. Design that has forgotten its use and form, producing non-specific functions.

7. Genetic design. Design incorporating genetic research to propose new functions and uses.

8. New recycling design. Design that takes the concept of recycling to its extreme.

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