Ponzano, 19 March 2015. Once again, in 2015, Benetton Group has been listed by Greenpeace as one of the Detox Leaders, thanks to its global commitment to protecting the environment, product safety, and transparency of supply chain information. This major recognition - following the one the company received in 2013 - stands testimony to Benetton Group's on-going and high-quality commitment towards elimination of hazardous chemicals across the supply chain, based on a long tradition of respect for the environment and a focus on consumer safety, which have always been core values embedded in the company’s DNA. This year, in particular, Greenpeace praises the company by highlighting that “when it comes to Detox, Benetton Group has continued to show its true, trend-setting colours."

For years, Benetton Group’s products have complied with the strictest international safety standards. It is a growing commitment that - starting from its choice of raw materials - in recent years has found expression in the progressive application of the Group's new Dress Safely project. This represents a commitment towards transparent information for all those who choose Benetton products. It is a universal protection that starts with kids, who need greater attention, as well as a guarantee of full compliance with the highest chemical and mechanical safety standards.

Benetton Group has always applied the “precautionary principle” in its global supply chain. The company participates in Greenpeace’s Detox program in a joint effort to lead the textile industry towards the complete elimination of harmful chemical substances by 2020.

In terms of transparency, the Group is making constant progress in publishing the results of verification tests made within the supply network (the data is available in the Detox section of the -Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs platform). Benetton Group has already published information relating to approximately 50% of suppliers that use water in their production processes in China. By 2017, it will gradually expand the publication of this data to up to 80% of the global supply chain.

This new recognition by Greenpeace – in addition to reinforcing the direction and developments of Benetton Group’s sustainability programmes – is an incentive to further intensify efforts to protect both individuals and the environment, spread awareness of green values and safeguard local communities in Italy and wherever the company may be operating in the world.


Inclusion in Greenpeace's 2015 Detox "Catwalk" is an important recognition of Benetton Group's role as a leader in eliminating harmful chemicals from the fashion supply chain. This recognition is not an award - Greenpeace does not provide corporate sustainability awards to companies - but, more importantly, it is a significant acknowledgement of the Group's serious, long-term commitment to the creation of a truly sustainable garment industry. We are honored to be included in this year's ranking and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with Greenpeace on efforts to ensure the exclusion of harmful chemicals from our supply chain by 2020.