Benetton x Depop

For a curated collection of rare vintage and archive pieces, handsourced by Depop sellers

(May 31st, 2021) Today, Benetton and Depop announce a collaboration that aims to celebrate Benetton’s boundary pushing heritage, channelled through the energy and self expression of Depop’s creative community. Championing the longevity of the Benetton archive and the value of shopping secondhand, Depop sellers from across the US and UK have curated a collection of rare vintage Benetton pieces, available to shop from 31st May.

"This partnership with Benetton expands on our efforts at Depop to continue working with community-focused brand partners that share similar brand values to ours," says Steve Dool, Global Head of Brand Partnerships. "Benetton's long-standing reputation for challenging conventions and championing inclusion in their creative campaigns directly connects to Depop's point of view. Through this partnership, we are not only engaging our Seller community to help extend the lives of some of Benetton's most covetable garments, but we’re also working in tandem with Benetton to amplify the representation and empowerment of creative self expression that we both strive to support."

Building on Benetton’s legacy, the Benetton x Depop campaign aims to spotlight those who are speaking up and dismissing norms, providing a creative platform for members of the Depop community to stand up for something and share their voice on the social issues that are important to them today. The campaign features @YouthClubStore who is committed to promoting more conscious consumption of fashion, @ArchiveSix who speaks to her empowerment as a POC businesswoman, dancer @Ayo, on the importance of self love and self acceptance and @Hadiyahh who is passionate about the representation of real female bodies in the media. From Benetton campaigns in the 90’s to Depop’s community in 2021 - we know there is power in fashion to create social change.

“As part of United Colors of Benetton’s innovation process — whose main objective is to revamp the brand and gradually increase its appeal to young generations — we are thrilled to announce this prestigious collaboration with Depop, the innovative global online platform specialized in the sale of vintage products” says Massimo Renon, CEO of Benetton Group. “Thanks to Depop's second-hand shopping model — a fundamental element for sustainable fashion — Benetton also enters the circuit in a contemporary and original way. Our vintage garments that have made history will come back to life through Depop, which shares with us the same creative language and the same values of diversity, inclusion and sustainability”.

In UK, the 60 piece collection spans across the 1980’s and 1990’s archive, encompassing mens, womens and accessories, showcasing Benetton’s eclectic brand DNA and commitment to colour. Find vintage pieces that are just as easy to wear and style now, as they ever were - from the rare Rugby shirts and iconic colorblock sweatshirts, to patchwork denim jackets, Argyle jumpers and linen shorts. The UK collection has been handsourced by top sellers @HMSVintage, @AreaEighteen, @Thrifty_Towel, @happydais and @campervanvintage who all specialise in secondhand and vintage apparel.
In US, all of the rare, archive Benetton product featured in the collection as well as the campaign were sourced by 15 Depop sellers across the US including, @nostalgic_threadz, @throwbacksvintage, @thegrungedoll, @mineclothingshop and @heynicholevintage.

Shop the collections via the Depop explore page from 31st May.
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About Benetton
Benetton Group is one of the best-known fashion companies in the world, present in the most important markets in the world with a network of about more than 4,000 stores; a responsible group that plans for the future and lives in the present, with a watchful eye to the environment, to human dignity, and to a society in transformation. The history of Benetton is built on innovation - seen in its bright colors, the revolution of the retail outlet, unique sales networks, and universal communications that have always been social talking points and aroused cultural debate.