The Italian fashion brand renews its partnership with The Woolmark Company to certify the quality and sustainability of collections made in wool, a durable, recyclable, biodegradable fibre created to unite people

“Never-ending wool”: this is the slogan chosen by United Colors of Benetton to mark the renewal of its collaboration for the FW21 collection with The Woolmark Company, an Australian brand that over the course of more than fifty years has established itself as the global authority when it comes to wool.

For a keeper of the secrets of Italian knitwear like United Colors of Benetton, the excellence of wool is of prime importance. In 2017 Benetton Group was the first European fashion industry company to become part of the International Wool Textile Organization (IWTO), with the aim of contributing to making the wool supply chain increasingly functional and transparent.

The renewed partnership with The Woolmark Company is aimed at certifying the quality and sustainability of over 500,000 Merino Extra Fine garments in the Fall Winter 2021 collection. Woolmark is committed to developing and promoting a more responsible use of wool and providing reassurance to brands and consumers that wool is a sustainable choice for the fashion industry.

In addition to being soft and breathable, wool consumes less energy during washing and makes clothes on average more durable than apparel made with other fibres. Furthermore, it is the most reused and recycled fibre of all and is biodegradable: if released correctly into the environment, it decomposes in a few years.

For United Colors of Benetton, however, wool is not just a raw material, but an emotional fibre that holds people together over time. The partnership presentation campaign shows how United Colors of Benetton wool garments are often handed down from generation to generation, becoming actual family heirlooms.

Comfortable, colorful, sustainable: United Colors of Benetton + Woolmark knitwear will be on sale from October in over 2,500 stores around the world and promoted with dedicated online and offline initiatives.


Benetton Group is one of the best-known fashion companies in the world, present in the most important markets in the world with a network of more than 4,000 stores; a responsible group that plans for the future and lives in the present, with a watchful eye to the environment, to human dignity, and to a society in transformation. The history of Benetton is built on innovation – seen in its bright colors, the revolution of the retail outlet, unique sales networks, and universal communications that have always been social talking points and aroused cultural debate – and now the firm has taken up the challenge of globalisation, with constant investments and a competent, flexible organisation that takes change in its stride.The Group has a consolidated identity comprised of colour, authentic fashion, quality at democratic prices and passion for its work: these values are reflected in the strong, dynamic personality of the brands United Colors of Benetton and Sisley.

About The Woolmark Company

The Woolmark Company is the global authority on wool. Through our extensive network of relationships spanning the international textile and fashion industries, we highlight Australian wool’s position as the ultimate natural fibre and premier ingredient in luxury apparel.
The Woolmark logo is one of the world’s most recognised and respected brands, providing assurance of the highest quality, and representing pioneering excellence and innovation from farm through to finished product.
The Woolmark Company is a subsidiary of Australian Wool Innovation, a not-for-profit enterprise that conducts research, development and marketing along the worldwide supply chain for Australian wool on behalf of about 60,000 woolgrowers that help fund the company.
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