Benetton launches the first worldwide casting session to find the personal styles of young people and their vision of the future. The winners will appear in the United Colors of Benetton product campaign for autumn-winter 2010/ Benetton launches the global interactive multimedia campaign, running from 8 February to 16 March 2010

Ponzano, 08 February 2010. Style without frontiers: young, authentic and personal, future-orientated. The web an active, global meeting place. New technology,augmented reality, to sustain the soaring freedom of ideas and imagination. These are the elements of Benetton’s new worldwide communication campaign − the first global online casting session − from 8 February to 16 March 2010, which will choose faces from around the world for United Colors of Benetton’s next product campaign. A democratic campaign, open to the world and its young people, in perfect Benetton tradition. At the same time, it’s innovative because for the first time this campaign highlights personal styles, which are not necessarily the latest trend, and the desire to be unique, using the new media and high-tech tools which are rapidly changing our world and our perception of reality.

It’s My Time.  This is the slogan of the campaign, developed by Fabrica. This seamless blend of media, tools, platforms and technology – publishing, new web options, video, social networks – will open a boundless virtual “plaza” where Benetton will engage with the styles, personalities, languages and creativity of the world’s young people to compile an unprecedented, exclusive sociological sampling of their inspirations and aspirations and their interest in the future.

The ball starts rolling in February with a worldwide periodical-press campaign. Young people are invited to attend a global casting session and illustrate their style and personality – the things that make them unique – through videos and photographs, which can be uploaded at will and free of charge at and through a special YouTube page.

To stimulate the imagination, innovative and hi-tech tools will be used in advertising for the campaign, enhanced with interactive and augmented reality. This ground-breaking technique, recently used in Colors 76-Teenagers, intensifies the readers’ experience by immersing them in a world that blends the real with the virtual.

It’s My Time,an innovative communication campaign in the name of open culture.

The new It’s My Time campaign offers young people around the world a means of sharing their opinions, as well as a “place” to be noticed and a dream to aspire to. Through the open culture of social media, the blogosphere and citizen journalism, it promotes a radical freedom, enabling them to make the leap from objects to subjects. Benetton is giving an open invitation to take part in a revolution from the bottom, from one to many, that is both collective and individual. To share their tastes, free the spirit of aggregation, and find like-minded friends. And, at the same time, to be there, to express themselves as individuals, to assert themselves and their true personalities, away from the usual stereotypes.

It’s My Time: a global, democratic competition

From 8 February to 16 March 2010, the young people taking part in Benetton’s global casting session will be voted by the web community. The 100 finalists will then be evalutated by a specially-formed jury of experts, who will choose 20 finalists to fly to New York and feature in  United Colors of Benetton’s advertising campaign for autumn-winter 2010/2011, under the lens and creative guidance of British photographer Josh Olins.