They share the same city allure, and the same spirit of adventure. They love the sheen of vegan leather, sharp lines, and ‘90s silhouettes, urban modernity and the wilds of Iceland. These are the men and women protagonists Sisley’s decisive and authentic F/W 22 style.


Back to the ‘90s, a return - but nostalgia is banned here - to the allure of Sisley at its coolest and most sophisticated, emblematic of an edgy, androgynous city style. Sharp, strong, distinct: a way of dressing made of smooth, glossy surfaces, like eco-leather, and fine, body-hugging yarns, superimposed on jackets, coats or oversized blazers. The Sisley F/W 22 collection is irresistible, with knee-length pencil skirts or miniskirts to be worn with combat boots or pumps. There is an entire philosophy of taste that resides in the DNA of a brand famous for its nonchalance and coolness. The winning duo is black & purple, for a sophisticated glamour with some dark touches. A wardrobe with today's minimalism, revisited in a 3.0 key, in shades of dusty grey or anthracite, creamy white and plum. All nuances that combine with black, glossy textures. Shapes are mannish and linear. Supple lycra pairs with cotton fabrics in easy-going layered looks. The idea is precise: a bold femininity that finds its uniqueness in the cornerstones of its style. The Sisley woman has always been attracted to black, to faux leather, to denim – also in a grey, distressed version - to long knit dresses to wear with maxi coats with a radical chic appeal. This same woman loves to travel, explore and understand: hers is a suitcase full of soft, marl knop or bouclé knitwear. She loves everything that makes her feel welcomed, like oversized sweaters and pullovers to wear over faux-leather pants, with an extra-large maxi jacket or a boyfriend blazer. With the same determined energy, the Sisley woman also struts her stuff in ‘60s style, with geometric prints, college style-inspired apparel and colours such as pink, red and beige, combined and mixed with tie patterns. As an adventurer, her winter look naturally includes pieces in olive green, somewhere between English moors and a Tuscan fall. Vintage heritage inspires warm bouclé coats, and soft, openwork or chunky knitwear to pair with more masculine weights, such as the oversize denim shirt, almost workwear style jumpsuits or vegan leather pieces. All different weights, to layer and style in endless, unusual ways; ideal contrasts that again reveal the character of the Sisley woman.


Relaxed understatement, comfortable but with volumes that are never exaggerated: this is the leitmotiv of the Sisley man’s F/W 22. His is a poetic minimalism. Knitwear, body-hugging and still light in a cotton and wool blend, is worn with a city attitude, with vintage-inspired baggy jackets. An expression of style that goes from slightly loose jeans to apparel with a sportswear vibe, like that of ‘90s Camden Town. Must have outerwear includes the vegan leather studded jacket, the perfectly proportioned topstitched jacket or the parka, a classic in any modern wardrobe, now brought back by the brand as an iconic piece. The Sisley man is someone who is very clear about how he wants to dress and is unafraid to mix and match. He can easily combine activewear – regular fit joggers and crew neck sweatshirts –with a suit jacket, or a leather jacket with fleece pants – a mix between Joy Division new wave and a TikToker’s video. It works just fine. All you need is sweaters and jackets in cotton and technical nylon, and faux leather paired with corduroy. A combination of practicality and elegance that recalls workwear with some sartorial details, to wear also in its “greener” version, for a lumberjack streetwear look. Shirts or pants in light corduroy, or ochre chinos and denim shirts are worn under mouliné pullovers with shades of olive or beech green describing the colours of a masculine foliage. Woven fabrics are slightly stretch, wool blends are yarn dyed for sweaters and jackets, also in plaid patterns. As always, wool is fundamental. Today Sisley also uses recycled wool or unusual blends of yarns, such as cashmere and alpaca knitted in shaded stripes. So, whether its street chic or more on the road, today there is no longer a single style for men. There’s just personal taste - what the Sisley man has been naturally endowed with for generations.

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