SISLEY Spring/Summer 2012

Heavy doses of style and inspirations without distractions in the new Sisley collection for spring summer 2012: the common denominator is a vaguely Seventies atmosphere worked in a melting pot of styles and colours.

Woman's collection

BIANCA J. – Exactly like the iconic woman who inspires this range, the keyword is elegance with a funky rock soul. The allure is masculine but with a seductive femininity. Daytime means trousers worn with a long or short trench coat. But as the sun goes down dresses take over and their hems lengthen with the passing hours: georgette Charleston shirtwaisters, satin sheath dresses with lace prints, knitted mermaid dresses. Distinguishing traits: jabot and beguiling bows at the neck, alluring tattoo decoration down the body and, lastly, polka-dots, stripes and patterns of mini/maxi designs. The horizon is black, white and red with light touches of cornflower blue and neutrals.

ETHEREAL FEMININITY – A delicate, diaphanous world in the pale tones of shimmering dawns. A world made of sheer, swirly fabrics, romantic floral accents, frills and soft cuts that hug only at the waist. Everything is thoroughly feminine, from the plissé dresses to the light floral blouses, from the tiny bouclé jackets to the trench coat with tiny pleats and rounded touches for a gentler look, to the soft, fluid, classically-cut trousers. Pastel shades toned down with a few hints of teal and chestnut.

EARTH PULSE – Colours and moods for the midday sun and sizzling temperatures, a look with a summery, hot feel. A casual yet exacting, well-constructed trend featuring stretch pants, long dresses and ethnic/exotic-printed cool muslin skirts, adventure-driven tracksuit outfits and shorts. Then one-shoulder, single-sleeved oversize silk blouses and T-shirts with flag motifs. The spice market provides perfumes, moods and colours in a swirl of earth, sand and blue sky.

Man's collection

ARCHITECTURAL MAN – Elegant and formal, classic and ultra-serious, but dated 2012. The man in question wears a jacket, of course, as well as a tie, shirt, suit, field jacket or trench, but they are regenerated through a brand-new trend of fabrics which may be glossy and silky or matt and rough but always natural. Unusual details with a tech feel, like the zips, hoods or denim. An asphalt grey and cement mood with a few touches of pink and pale blue.

URBAN MOBILITY – The keyword is functionality together with an undeniable urge for good taste. Everyday, day-long fashions are all a question of refinement, starting with the fabrics and the prints of landscapes and urban signing or the ergonomically-structured forms, not forgetting the high-tech/functional details such as 3D seams and the pockets and little compartments for iPods, mobile phones, earphones and so on. The palette is similarly techie: dark blue, military green, cobalt blue and acid yellow with a sprinkling of grey and light blue.

FORMAL REBEL – This man has clear ideas notwithstanding the theme which describes him: a blend of rebellion and rigour. Soft shapes and proportions for classic articles and unconventional matching in a mixture of casual moods and sophisticated style. He wears the leather jacket, distressed jeans and pop-art print T-shirts, but he's also seen in the vintage cardigan, destructured blazer and check shirt. The overall effect is a harmony of what may seem contradictions but are rather the fruit of an original personality. Rebel black on the one hand and respectable blue on the other. Between them: bronzed green, white, pink and pale blue.