Benetton Group’s core business is knitwear and outstanding quality wool is a must. In 2020, we implemented and confirmed a series of initiatives to obtain certification of the quality of our wool, a fiber that can be regenerated, and to consolidate our position as global stakeholder for all the decisions that involve the queen of all of the fibers we use.


The quality of products made with Italian yarns in 100% extra-fine Merino wool, Cashmere and Shetland is certified by Woolmark, the global authority in the field of wool.


As evidence of its role as an ambassador of Italian knitwear in the world, in 2017 Benetton Group became the first European fashion company to join the IWTO (International Wool Textile Organisation), a position that allows it to contribute to making the wool supply chain increasingly sustainable and transparent, influencing topical issues such as recycling, yarn quality, traceability and animal protection.

Recycled wool

Like other textile fibers, wool is recyclable and retains all the properties of traditional wool. Italy is the world capital of wool recycling. Recycling is a conscious choice that makes it possible to avoid potentially polluting production phases, save raw materials and reduce waste.

Benetton Group is just at the beginning of its journey: in 2019, we did not use recycled wool, while in 2020, certified recycled wool accounts for 1% of the volume. We source from certified supply chain and in our garments we prefer a blend of virgin and recycled fibers (at least 20%) to guarantee the level of quality that consumers take for granted in a Benetton product, combined with a lower environmental impact.