KILLER LOOP: An exciting and interactive video to launch the new e-commerce website


A new exciting, interactive video.
A brand-new experience in e-commerce,available throughout Europe.
Three innovative lines of technical apparel for photographers and filmmakers working in extreme conditions, and for lovers of the outdoor life.

December 2013. Wild nature. Freedom. Passion. Courage. Adventure beyond your limits. The Hunt, the digital, interactive film from Killer Loop, portrays the real world of people who work and live in the midst of nature at its most intense. With a valuable ally: Killer Loop, the brand for extreme situations, for today's heroes - in sport and in life - who need a technical product that can take the pace. From today they can also find it on the new e-commerce Outdoor and action-sport photographers and filmmakers are the real stars of this intrepid ‘hunt’, as well as being the ambassadors of Killer Loop style, designed to meet their specific needs, and a central tenet of the brand.

Spectacular, breath-taking, with plenty of suspense and a touch of irony - following the previews on the Killer Loop Facebook page and Vimeo and YouTube channels, the full-length video can now be seen on the website Here, visitors can take part in the editing of a sequence from the film – Il balzo di Big Foot/Big Foot Leaps – selecting their favourite images from a series of proposed shots. A creative adventure offered to the community by Killer Loop, in line with its values - passion and innovation - giving everyone the opportunity to interact with the contents, to customize their experience of the story, to recount their own vision of sport and nature.

The Killer Loop website offers a 360° view of the brand’s world and its sporting, authentic, cutting-edge identity. Taking its approach to social sharing and inclusion a step further, the website is now opening up to online shopping. The Killer Loop outdoor collections for professional photographers and film makers working in extreme situationswill now be offered throughout Europe, to anyone seeking high-performance technical gear. Everyone, man or woman, who loves to approach everyday challenges with determination and the support of professional apparel can choose from three different lines:Extreme, for extreme conditions; Performance, for high performance and aerobic activities; Functional, for everyday use.

The Killer Loop Hunt the moment challenge is open to everyone, in the real world and online. There will be a call to action for all freeskiing lovers, who can send us their photos and videos illustrating their most enjoyable, exciting and memorable moments with #huntthemoment.

Killer Loop was established in the eighties as a sporting eyewear brand for windsurfers (the name ‘Killer Loop’ celebrates the famous manoeuvre of windsurfing champion Cesare Cantagalli, performed for the first time in Hawaii). Having joined Benetton Group in 1991, the brand began producing technological apparel and equipment for snowboarding and skateboarding, before entering the world of streetwear, accessories and, today, high-quality outdoor clothing.

The Hunt

Directed by: Carlo Cavallone

Advertising Agency: 72andSunny, Amsterdam

Production: Minivegas, Amsterdam


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