Benetton’s contribution against climate change takes form through the implementation of initiatives to reduce energy consumption and, as a result, climate-altering gas emissions, associated with the headquarters and direct stores. These projects produced significant benefits in terms of energy savings and lower CO2 emissions.

In 2015, Benetton Group carried out energy tests on the head offices of Ponzano and Castrette. The analyses were repeated in 2019 (measuring 2018 energy consumption) and gave a snapshot of the energy profiles of the areas considered, allowing the identification of the most critical energy-related issues, which led to the development of an energy efficiency plan.

Thanks to the redistribution of workspaces and new systems, in 2020 the Benetton Group optimised and reduced energy consumption in the headquarters.

One of the main drivers behind the design of the new Benetton Group new store concepts is sustainability. In 2020, the Group made a concerted effort to improve energy efficiency in the stores through the installation of high-efficiency air ventilation systems, the use of LED lamps and the implementation of energy meters equipped with self-reading devices.