Green is not only the color of the United Colors of Benetton brand. It is a philosophy that has permeated the culture of Benetton Group for decades, when discussions on sustainable development were just starting to take place.

Now that the consequences of global warming are evident in our daily lives, environmental protection has become an absolute priority. Our commitment is 360°, from the selection of sustainable raw materials to the reduction of the environmental impact of our activities along the entire production chain, with a view to developing virtuous processes increasingly targeting a circular economy.

Benetton Group has established a target of net zero deforestation by 2030. The materials considered at high risk and used by the Group include wood and wood derivatives (paper, cardboard and viscose). These materials have been identified based on the environmental footprint on the whole value chain of the Group. In order to reach this goal, Benetton Group is working to roll-out a methodology for quantifying the degree of deforestation. In the meantime, the Group is adopting some best practices such as the adoption of preferred certified man-made fibers and the use of FSC paper for shopping bags.