Benetton has worked with its suppliers for a long time to build a long-term business relationship based on trust and mutual transparency. Basing on this commitment, we can provide the Benetton suppliers’ list. Company name, address, employees’ range, percentage of male and female workers, percentage of migrant workers, production phase performed, workers’ representation, Collective Bargaining Agreement coverage and certifications are indicated in the list. In addition, suppliers are classified depending on the items they produce, that are apparel, accessories and shoes.

The suppliers list includes tier 1 suppliers (manufacturers and other garment process facilities), tier 2 suppliers (weaving and other fabric suppliers) and tier 3 (yarn suppliers) located in several countries all over the world. The list considers only active suppliers and it does not consider the occasional ones (with annual volume less than 10,000 pcs for the apparel suppliers, and with annual volume less than 5,000 pcs for accessories and shoes suppliers), equivalent to about 70% of our suppliers, which accounts for 95% of our total volume of output. This is referred to tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers, as defined above. Yarn suppliers are to be limitedly meant to knitwear production.

Due to the impact they have on the environment, we pay particular attention to wet process factories, performing dyeing and washing processes on yarns, fabrics and finished products with a dedicated program.

Download the list of suppliers (.pdf)

Download the list of suppliers (.xls)

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In addition to our map, a location of our suppliers is also available on the interactive Open Apparel Registry (OAR) platform which for we are contributors.

Benetton is also committed to progressively mapping raw material suppliers. At the moment, the list includes certified viscose suppliers and the main supplier for raw cotton. The list is constantly updated.

Download the list of raw material suppliers (.pdf)
Download the list of raw material suppliers (.xls)

*Benetton asks for traceability, Benetton is not asking for confidential business information. If you have concerns, please contact the Sustainability Department (