Approximately half of the 2020 investments involved improving facility safety. In addition, during the year, the Benetton Group continued to replace light bulbs with energy-efficient, long-lasting LED lamps in some areas of the Ponzano and Castrette offices. Re-lamping, and the resulting increased efficiency, is expected to be continued in 2021.

Data Center

The work to improve the efficiency of the Ponzano Data Centre began in 2012 and continued throughout 2020. The Data Centre uses approximately 7% of the total energy on campus. The main actions were targeted to the power supply and air conditioning system of the Data Centre and reduced energy consumption by approximately 750 000 kWh/year. In 2019, the new power supply system of the Data Centre was completed (including a second cutting edge UPS), which led to a reduction of about 100 000 kWh in 2020.

Renewable energy

Since 2017, the energy feeding the entire Benetton Campus is generated by certified renewable sources (water and ocean), as well as the 74% of the energy of the stores in Italy (as today).