UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON Autumn/Winter 2011/12 Collection

I'M NOT A SOLDIER! - Women and men lined up in a vaguely military style highlights the skill of knowing how to mix pieces of clothing which define a character, a personality, a woman, a man. The softer silhouette used for her contrasts with the closer-fitting lines he wears. Chunky-stitch knits team with parkas and long and short jackets for him and her. Grey-green, brown and milky-white are the main colours.

NEW YORKER - Dedicated to those who shun exaggeration and have an innate sense of style and originality. This classic look – brightened with unexpected details like the vibrant colour of knitwear or the suit/trousers outfits’ penchant for pronounced patterns – radically transforms his and her approach to town wear. The comfortable fit allows a use of different fabrics. Camel, grey and dark blue create a colour base illuminated with the lacquer red, sunny yellow and electric blue exclusive to the unisex-look knitted sweaters.

TRAVELLER - The new explorers reveal signs of their strong personalities: bright colours, vintage details, neo-grunge softness. An interest in discovering new cultures together is reflected in the wardrobe of those who feel they belong to this “tribe”. Colour schemes are bolder, shapes and lengths go against the basic rules followed until now, the mix ‘n’ match game involves men and women as they compete in an imaginary style contest. Denim is the cross-theme element that meets the needs of both men and women.

Childrenswear Collection


SCANDINAVIAN AUTUMN - The reds of the Scandinavian autumn trade places with the neutral shades of grey and brown and find their place on floral patterns of various sizes for dresses, skirts and blouses. The season’s must-haves are the coats in woollen cloth or tricot, the trench coats in real goose down and the thick wool jumpers reminiscent of hand-knitted types. The graphics are inspired by the genteel “teatime” atmospheres.

ROMANTIC DREAMS - Pretty-pretty and plainness go arm in arm to give an unusual version of the romantic theme, always popular with little girls. The slim volumes of the ruches which embellish the knits are married with padded nylon jackets, while retro-style patterns and prints add sophisticated chic accents. The elegance of the theme is also reflected through the quiet colours of lilac, grey, blue and purple.

STREET & CHIC - An all-casual affair with denim in many combinations as key feature. It can be found both coordinated with a mix of tartan and camouflage prints and with knits with a dry and loose hand.
A few military notes are softened by romantic details as regards the coats. The A line is an exclusive of the dresses while sports-look footwear is brightened by sequins.

COUNTRY LIFE - A theme designed for winter whose colours are reminiscent of those of a wood with a sprinkling of snow. The chic of the tricot stitches also finds a place on Norwegian-style sweaters while at the same time the dresses display a natural country style thanks to prints with micro flowers and yarn-dyed Scotch plaid patterns. The forest, the source of inspiration of a large part of the collection, is the recurring theme for the graphics used for the items in jersey.

URBAN FOLK - The meaning of “mix & match” which the word “folk” suggests is heightened with the play on strong colour contrasts such as those between petrol blue and brick red or cobalt blue and cream white. The velvet printed with large flowers is the prerogative of loose-fit dresses, just as stripes, inlays and twisted yarns in several colours are that of the knits, also extending to warm boots in wool.


CENTRAL PARK - The leafy heart of New York reminds us of an urban look which comes from the skilful mixing of classics and casuals. The double-breasted pea coats and hooded sweatshirts, the inlays and jacquard patterns on wools with varying degrees of fineness and the chino pants are obvious examples of this. A retro style opens out onto graphics for the t-shirts or the choice of ankle boots in real leather. Dark blue and beige, coordinated with wood green, maroon and grey marl, make up the palette.

FOOTBALL LEAGUE - “Sportswear & vintage” is the combination for this theme, in ochre, turquoise, purple and red. Considerable space is given over to bomber jackets, plush tracksuits and plaid shirts, to be coordinated with jeans with a very used look and knits rich in stripes. In other words a preppy look.

READY 4 PEACE - A military theme but only to remind us that we should consider peace and the sense of great serenity expressed in the name of this theme. Camouflage, printed together with black and grey, emphasises the other colours used on parkas, bomber jackets and trousers with pockets and a lived-in look. The chunky knit sweaters are embellished with cables.
Appliqués of military coats of arms and ad hoc writing also reference the theme.

INTO THE WILD - A journey among the American mountains leads to a discovery of warm fabrics and colours with a vintage feel, suitable for puffer jackets, check flannel shirts and distressed denim. Embroidery loses its dainty connotations and is used on t-shirts and sweatshirts, while knits necessarily include jacquard effects. Hazelnut, green, aquamarine, putty and cream are the colours for the entire adventure.

ARTICA - An expedition to the North Pole is the setting for a story for which cool colours are its bread and butter. Ice white, air force and dark blue and grey marl remind us of the boundless expanses of the far north, in which the “super-warm” puffer jacket in technical fabric is the season’s must-have item. Check shirts with a hood and slim-fit combat pants are worn underneath.